Sunday, May 31, 2009

Break of Season!

Monday May 18th, I spent the day in the garden. It seemed appropriate as it was the day the moon was right for us to make our Bio Dynamic preparations. The weather had been lovely, warm and sunny. I took photos of our magnificent tree dahlia towering over Amita, who is over 6 foot. Its blooming usually heralds the first storms and we only get to appreciate the lovely petals scattered on the ground. For over a fortnight it had been spectacular.

As we began to stir, the clouds began to thicken. There was much discussion about how the 500 prep works better on damp soil and how it has been observed it often rains at just the right time. More garden magic at work! Enjoying the novelty of refreshing splats on our bare skin, it was a while before we sought shelter.

Over the next 3 days the rain increased until a big storm blew in, unusually, from the north and dumped over an inch of rain. The next morning we awoke to a cool, morning, the earth exhaling a huge welcoming sigh to mark the beginning of the rain, the plants glistening proud and upright, dust-free.There weren't any pink petals scattered on the ground, the dahlia had snapped off near the ground and fallen into the neighbours garden. Ugly broken stumps remained.

We will miss the dahlia flowers as much as we welcome the rain. We are heading towards the winter solstice, a good time to shed the old and embrace the new, knowing we are travelling back into the light. In the week since, the bromeliads have begun to flower and the spring bulbs have to poke their heads up, we have trimmed the tree dahlia, she'll be back - just like the sun!.

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