Saturday, May 2, 2009

Easy for You....

In a box in the loft I have an old blue exercise book of English essays I wrote when I was twelve. I keep it to remind me of the passion I felt when I wrote them and the excitement I felt at being praised for them by Anthony Horsefall, the most inspirational, good looking soccer playing English teacher a girl could wish for!

I have always known that writing was something I wanted and needed to do as part of my life’s journey but I wrote very little except journal entries whilst on holidays and essays for assignments. I felt that I never had anything to write about.

Last year, I was asked to contribute recipes and articles to a food website. Days later, Nerys suggested we collaborate on ‘Easy’. I spent the winter in a frenzy of cooking and writing, rediscovering the passion and excitement of that twelve year old. What I also discovered was a validation of my life experience so far. The writing flows easily, I suspect because its content is a reflection of a huge part of who I am.

Nerys’ amazing drive and enthusiasm that she brings to everything she does has again pushed me into new learning curves and given me more confidence in being able to achieve the impossible. She has provided much of the inspiration for my life long learning. With out her I would still be wondering what to write about instead of getting on with it and this book would never have been born.

This slim little tome is surprisingly heavy for its size. I am glad of that. There is something so satisfying in holding a hard copy and a pride in seeing your name on the cover. No time to be smug though, we now have the challenge of selling this one and getting on with the next!

Click on the pictures of the book in the sidebar or our potions to pesto website link for details on how to purchase the paper back or the E book. Anthony, if you are still around somewhere in Hertfordshire, your copy is gratis.

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