Saturday, March 5, 2011

A good boy

We said goodbye to Toto, our gentle little poodle, this week. An ancient little chap he was, possibly as old as twenty.

Christmas 2009
He was already thirteen and had been waiting a while for a new home when a kindly courier paid two weeks extra board for him at the vets.  I caught sight of his cheeky little face in a basket when I popped to buy some cream and took him home for ‘the weekend.’ 

A faithful and feisty little dog, he guarded us from ghosts and visitors, terrorised the dog clipping man and won hearts all over town. Greg, the courier called in to see him often.
In these last few weeks his blindness and deafness had left him vulnerable to accidents and injury. His brave spirit began to falter and he began to spend more time in his bed.
After much soul searching, we made the decision to let him end his life with grace and dignity in the arms of someone who loved him. 
That is a wonderful gift that we can give our animals. To the end of their lives they continue to trust in our care and love us unconditionally. Letting them go can be the ultimate expression of our love for them.

We miss him dreadfully; I hope his dreams are of juicy bones and having the teeth with which to chew them.
Travel well little man.

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  1. My condolences about Toto - your dear, sweet little Poodle. I didn't see that he had passed away until today; and feel bad that I haven't been on here until now. Dogs are darling animals who somehow get into our hearts and stay there long after they're gone. Keep thinking of the good times you had with this wonderful little soul, and smile when you do.


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