Friday, July 31, 2015

Clean Green Screens

Last weekend,  as part of the celebration of Plastic Free July in Margaret River, I ran a Clean Green workshop. What a fantastic morning we had making various brews. Ten lovely women, all committed to finding safer, greener and sustainable alternatives. Morning tea in the winter sunshine was an opportunity to share ideas, solutions and alternative options for everything from plastic wrap to firelighters and everything in between. Looking around the happy places, I couldn't help but think 'I love my "office".' It got me thinking about other cleaning dilemmas.

Lovely lemon power
I have recently (bravely) become a lap top girl with a touch screen. It sits on my kitchen bench and it can get really grubby, just like the screen on the mobile. A bit of searching and I came up with an alternative to those little (plastic) bottles of clear liquid they will happily sell you at the electrical stores that will cost you cents to make.

You will need:
A clean micro fibre cloth (other cloths and paper can trap particles that may scratch your screen.)
White vinegar (not any other sort)
Distilled water (tap water contains chemicals that may harm your screen)
A clean, recycled spray bottle

Mix a brew of half /half vinegar and water and pour into the spray bottle.
Turn off and unplug your computer/phone/tablet.
Squirt a little of the mixture onto your cloth. It should be damp, not soaking.
Gently, with minimal pressure rub the damp cloth in small circles over the screen. 
If you press too hard, you may damage your screen.
If the screen is very sticky, repeat using another part of the cloth.
When the screen is smear free, use the mixture to clean the case too. 


I will be repeating the Clean Green  workshop on September 4th.

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