Thursday, January 21, 2010

Farewell and welcome

Yesterday we celebrated Nerys' life with friends and flowers, laughter and tears, with music and poetry, candles and song, the fragrance of herbs and her favourite essential oils. Her strength and beauty shone, mirrored in the faces of her family, her joy for life in the dancing of her grand daughters and her love for all in the rich variety of her many friends gathered together.
Nerys would be thrilled to know my new grandson, Luke, arrived yesterday and that twin lambs were born at Summertime Farm this morning. So moves the circle of life.
with love,


  1. that sounds wonderful. thanks for sharing.

  2. I am thrilled to hear Nerys' life was celebrated with such joy :). Congratulations on the birth of Luke and the baby lambs.

  3. I was truly saddened to log on tonight and to read of this sad news.

    Nerys was such an inspiration to me and her books were the favourites on my book shelves. I loved them so much that I would devour up copies of her out of print books when ever I saw them on Ebay.

    RIP Nerys - you gave so much with your knowledge and your spirit will live on always

  4. I was so sad to read that Nerys has passed. Finding the words to express this loss elude me. Rest In Peace gentle Nerys, you will be remembered by all who knew you.

    Amanda Guilfoyle and Family


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