Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This is why we were doing this!

Well, we did it! I've had the books for over a week but have been travelling and Nirala hasn't even seen them yet as they are up in Perth and she's down South however, she should get them in the next few days and I'm sure will be adding a blog entry of her own.

These photos (and there are thirty two) give you some idea of what to expect inside the book.

Between Nirala and me we have nearly twenty years experience traveling and more than fifty years in various aspects of the food industry.
Together (think 'blood, sweat and tears!) we have produced this neat little book crammed with delicious recipes that combine fresh produce with the best of ‘instant’ foods.

There is a wealth of information contained within the cover including:

* Easy and delicious recipes from breakfasts to dinner
* Cooking with one or two pots only
* Tips for shopping and stocking the pantry
* How to cook in your doona
* Making yoghurt and growing sprouts
* Creating quick gourmet treats for the Happy Hour

Imagine how thrilled I was to read this unsolicited testimonial:

'Your book will be a hit! Why? because I have the E-book and my kids eat everyth
ing I have cooked out of it !!! Now that is truly an amazing thing! A lot of the time my kids don't eat what they are given; not out of your book though, eaten everything and even asked for seconds!

Delicious recipes and I don't need to use every single pot and pan in my house to cook one meal!

This will appeal to everyone, not just the traveller!

Lindsay Cheesewright


I think the book is looking good...it's printed on glossy white paper and perfect bound with a hardwearing glossy laminated cover making it robust enough for use in the kitchen!

At the moment we have it for sale for AUD 18.00 in my Etsy shop http://neryspurchon.etsy.com/ and our website http://www.potionstopesto.com/ and have decided to restrict it to Australian sales only as it's postage free to buyers in Oz.

Looking forward to hearing your comments!

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